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Lower School Relocation Announcement

Updated: January 14, 2022

Every day is a reminder of just how much God has blessed our school. As enrollment continues to grow, our administration and Board of Trustees have felt called to look for larger facilities to accommodate all the families who wish to enroll at WCCS.

Trusting in God’s timing, an incredible opportunity recently presented itself to possibly move our Lower School (early childhood through the 5th grade) to a significantly larger school building.

Former Rosewood Elementary School Property

After prayerful and deliberate consideration, we are excited to announce that WCCS is now under contract to purchase the former Rosewood Elementary School building from the Rock Hill School District.

Rosewood Elementary was recently closed as part of a consolidation of public schools within the Rock Hill School District. This campus is located at 2240 Rosewood Drive, just off of Celanese Road. By car, it’s less than three miles from our current Lower School campus at Westminster Presbyterian Church, and just 1.4 miles from our Upper School.

Please click here or this video to hear about this news directly from WCCS Head of School, Scott Dillon, as well as Dr. Mike Honeycutt, Senior Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

What's Next?

It’s important to remember that being “under contract” does not mean a sale is (or will ultimately be) finalized. From inspections to surveys, there are many milestones to meet before that happens. Afterwards, more milestones will be upon us, from renovations and deep cleaning to logistic and moving. Ultimately, if this is what God has in store for the Lower School at WCCS, we trust He will open those doors.

We’re very excited about this possible opportunity, and our commitment is to keep WCCS families updated on this process. To that end, please bookmark this page! We’ll keep it updated regularly on what’s happening with this endeavor. Also be sure to check out the FAQs below.

God is doing great things at WCCS. Please continue to keep this school, our students, teachers, and administrators in your prayers!

More Photos Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary motivations for moving the lower school?

Over the last 3 years, our school has experienced its most significant growth at the Lower School, causing us to add 3rd sections of several early elementary grades (Kindergarten – 2nd) and create waitlists for other grades. We are blessed to share space with Westminster Presbyterian Church but are simply running out of physical space to expand with the projected growth. In addition, the property formerly known as Rosewood Elementary School, allows us to offer larger classroom spaces and natural lighting for all grades to provide an even better learning environment.

What are the growth possibilities if we move to the Rosewood campus?

Our projected growth plan has the school adding a 3rd section to the remaining elementary grades over the next few years based on natural matriculation rates of early elementary grades and increased interest in admissions. The new school property/building would easily allow for this growth (and more) while maintaining our current student-to-teacher ratios.

How far is the campus from the current location?

The new campus would be closer to the Upper School Campus and is located one block north of Celanese on Rosewood Drive between Dutchman Drive and Hilltop Road. It is approximately 1.4 miles from the Upper School.

Will tuition increase?

We are committed to keeping tuition at an affordable and reasonable rate for families. Tuition is adjusted each year by 2-4% for inflation, and we do not anticipate raising rates above that point. We have budgeted wisely and have been blessed by God’s provisions in making this move happen with as little financial impact to our families as possible.

Will class ratios stay the same?

Yes. Growth for WCCS means adding a third section (if it doesn’t already exist) of each grade, not significantly adding more students to the same classroom. We believe small class sizes, with an average of 16-18 students, allows for the best learning environment.

When will the move take place/what is the current timeline?

Lord willing, if we stay on schedule, we anticipate closing sometime in spring once all the inspections and due diligence has been completed. Then we will conduct some construction upgrades, deep cleaning, etc. to the property to hopefully prepare for move-in during the summer of 2022. It would be our desire to start the 2022-2023 school year at the new campus. There are still many things that need to fall into place in the right time for this to be a reality, and we covet your prayers in this endeavor.

What are some of the improvements we might see to facilities?

Rosewood Elementary School has served students from 4K through 5th grade. Given that we would move our entire Early Childhood (Infants through Kindergarten) and Elementary School (1st-5th grades), most of the improvements to the campus will be those needed to meet the needs of the littlest students. Some changes will come as per DSS regulations for Early Childhood and some to best meet the needs of all children (including outdoor play spaces for a variety of age groups). It is also our plan to upgrade the IT infrastructure to allow for the best use of technology in the classroom when appropriate. And, given the size of the classrooms, we will be able to have a variety of learning centers in the classrooms alongside the more traditional desks and chairs.

Does this mean the school is no longer pursuing a one/shared campus option?

Purchasing this property for our Lower School is a temporary solution that allows us to grow our base enrollment at the Lower School while we plan for the long-term solution of building and moving to one shared campus, with separate buildings for different age groups, for the entire school.

When can we tour the new campus?

Although we are under contract, we won’t own the building outright until the Spring at the earliest, followed by a period of construction, upgrades, and cleaning. When the time is right, hopefully the late Spring/early Summer of 2022, we will begin offering tours, Open Houses, and other opportunities for our families to experience this wonderful new location for our Lower School!