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Exciting New Home for Our Lower School Campus

For Early Childhood through 5th Grade

It’s official! Our WCCS Infants – 5th grade have started the 2022-2023 school year at our new location on 2240 Rosewood Drive!

Every day is a reminder of just how much God has blessed our school. WCCS has experienced sustained growth in the Early Childhood and elementary school programs for several years. As enrollment has continued to grow, our administration and Board of Trustees felt called to look for larger facilities to accommodate all the families who wish to enroll at WCCS.

Trusting in God’s timing, an incredible opportunity presented itself last year to move our Lower School campus, which serves Early Childhood through 5th grade, to a significantly larger school building at the former Rosewood Elementary School property in Rock Hill.

While our 6th – 12th grade students will continue to be at our Upper School campus in Rock Hill, our Early Childhood through 5th grade students have moved to our new Lower School campus for the 2022-2023 school year!

About the Former Rosewood School

Rosewood Elementary was recently closed as part of a consolidation of public schools within the Rock Hill School District. This campus is located at 2240 Rosewood Drive, just off of Celanese Road. By car, it’s less than three miles from our current Lower School campus at Westminster Presbyterian Church, and just 1.4 miles from our Upper School.

Interested in Enrolling Your Student?

Parents: enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is still open. With record re-enrollment and incredible interest in our school, classes are filling fast. Click here or the button below to learn more about WCCS admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were the primary motivations for moving the lower school?

Over the last 3 years, our school has experienced its most significant growth at the Lower School, causing us to add 3 sections of several early elementary grades (Kindergarten – 2nd) and create waitlists for other grades. We are blessed to share space with Westminster Presbyterian Church but are simply running out of physical space to expand with the projected growth. In addition, the property formerly known as Rosewood Elementary School, allows us to offer larger classroom spaces and natural lighting for all grades to provide an even better learning environment.

What are the growth possibilities now that we have moved to the Rosewood campus?

Our projected growth plan has the school adding a 3rd section to the remaining elementary grades over the next few years based on natural matriculation rates of early elementary grades and increased interest in admissions. The new school property/building will easily allow for this growth (and more) while maintaining our current student-to-teacher ratios.

How far is the campus from the current location?

The new campus would be closer to the Upper School Campus and is located one block north of Celanese on Rosewood Drive between Dutchman Drive and Hilltop Road. It is approximately 1.4 miles from the Upper School.

Does this mean the school is no longer pursuing a one/shared campus option?

Purchasing this property for our Lower School is a temporary solution that allows us to grow our base enrollment at the Lower School while we plan for the long-term solution of building and moving to one shared campus, with separate buildings for different age groups, for the entire school.

Can we tour the new campus?

Yes! Contact our Director of Admissions, Jane Wilson, at (803) 328-5472 to schedule your tour today!

Features of Our New Lower School Campus

More Room for Enrollment Growth

WCCS has experienced sustained growth in the Early Childhood (infants through kindergarten) and Elementary (1st through 5th grades) programs. The purchase of the Rosewood property will allow us to add up to three sections per grade for twos – 5th grade, creating a larger base of students to feed into the Upper School (6th through 12th.) We want to emphasize that while growth for WCCS does mean slowly adding a third section (if it doesn’t already exist) in each of these grades, we are committed to keeping class ratios the same. We believe small class sizes, with an average of 16-18 students, allows for the best learning environment.

Larger Classrooms with Natural Light

We are excited to offer classroom spaces with much larger square footage and with windows providing natural light.

More Play Areas Designed for Each Development Age

This new location will feature more dedicated play spaces for each developmental stage of childhood growth. We are planning separate play areas for infants through twos, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary years. In addition, P.E. and art will have their own dedicated outdoor learning areas.

Safety & Security Features

The move to this new location will provide enhanced safety and security features. Benefits include one building with a single guest entrance and double entry security doors. Students will no longer have a need to travel between multiple buildings.

Dedicated Classroom Space for Enrichment Classes

Our music, art, computer, Spanish, and other enrichment classes will each have dedicated classroom space. This includes a large media center and a gymnasium for P.E.

Our Elementary Self-Supported Classroom Will Have the Opportunity to Expand

We are excited for the opportunity to potentially expand our elementary self-supported classroom to include students from kindergarten – 4th grade with the addition of more classroom space and square footage.

A Few Things That Will Not Change

While we are looking forward to some improvements, there are some foundational things about our school that will NOT change.

Christian Education

Even though we are moving into a new building, our mission of educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ will remain at the forefront of all decisions regarding personnel, curriculum, admissions, and related activities. We have a vision of this new campus allowing us to better serve our community by providing excellent Christian education.

Affordable Tuition

The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to acquire this new building without having to take on unmanageable financial burdens as a school. This means that we are still able to offer affordable options for Christian education that meet the financial needs of families in the surrounding area. We do not foresee raising tuition above the normal annual 3.5% increase that accounts for inflation and cost of living increases to support faculty and staff.

Small Class Sizes

This move is necessary for the managed growth that we have already been seeing over the last two years. The new location will provide an opportunity to equip more children with the gospel (by adding more sections per grade) and thereby impact God’s Kingdom. This new facility has more and larger classroom spaces that will allow each class to spread out. We still value the individual attention that teachers are able to give each student in a smaller class environment and do not anticipate increasing class numbers beyond the average 16-18 students per class.

Ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church

We may be relocating our lower school classrooms and learning spaces, however we remain a committed ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church. We are grateful for their continued support and guidance as we seek to honor the Lord in all that we do. There will continue to be opportunities where we utilize church spaces for special events, connect with church leadership and staff in seeking wisdom and counsel, and intentionally promote the benefits of family involvement in WPC worship and activities.

Ways You Can Help

We praise God that He has cleared a path for our school to continue to grow in enrollment and teach more students through a biblical lens. Through this, we pray that God brings us even more students who will take God’s truth into the world, impacting it for His sake. You can join with us in this endeavor:

First and foremost, we covet your prayers!  We ask that you continue to pray that God would be with us in all the details of facility renovations, logistics, and preparations for our move into the new building. It’s an exciting time, but there is much to get done!

Several have asked for the opportunity to help financially with the many facilities, technology, security, and playground upgrades that we are making. To do so, please click here or the button on below and select “Rosewood Upfit Fund.” We appreciate your prayers and support!