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About WCCS Admissions

One of the best ways to learn more about Westminster Catawba Christian School is to schedule an in-person tour!  We’re happy to show you around and answer any questions you have. In-person tours can be scheduled Monday through Friday. During the school year, tours are conducted in the afternoon, after classes have dismissed for the day.

To schedule your in-person tour, please click here or one of the buttons below. You can also schedule a lower school tour by calling our Admissions Director, Jane Wilson, at (803) 328-5472 or Jennifer Zambrano for upper school tours at (803) 328-6276.

Students at WCCS

Why Enroll at WCCS?

Take a look at our three and a half minute video about what WCCS means to our students, staff, and alumni.

Three Pillars of a WCCS Education

A WCCS education is God-centered.   It must be exceptional as our King deserves our very best. It must be biblically-based and God-focused as our students need to know and apply the Truth. It must develop the gifts of our students so that they would serve the King (Jesus) in His Kingdom.

A WCCS education is other-focused.  It must be consistent with God’s call to serve rather than be served and cultivate a love for God and our neighbor.   It must expose our students to the “gap” between the way things are and the way things could/should be throughout our world, inspiring students to fulfill their calling in closing that gap.

A WCCS education is Kingdom-minded.  It must encourage students to know the King (Jesus) personally and follow Him as they apply their education to life.  It must instill a passion for sharing and defending the gospel to further God’s Kingdom.  It must enable our greatest joy to see our students “walking in the truth”.

Next Steps

Please be sure to explore the options below to learn more about Westminster Catawba Christian School and our admissions process: