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Many students at Westminster Catawba Christian School have vocal talents and a love for music, and our chorus programs are a great way to pursue those interests.

High School Chorus

The High School Chorus, an elective for grades 9-12, helps students to develop musicianship in a choral setting . Students become more proficient reading music and singing a particular part as they perform a wide variety of music styles. The chorus is featured at a number of school events throughout the year as well as annual Christmas and Spring concerts.

A ukulele class is offered to high school students first semester. In this beginner class, students learn chords and strumming patterns that enable them to play a wide variety of songs.

A Broadway Musicals class is a high school elective during second semester. In this introductory course, students learn technical terms used on and off stage. They also learn about different types of stages and performance venues and watch videos of musicals, behind-the-scenes shots, and interviews with  professionals in the business.

Middle School Chorus

Students in grades 6 – 8 may take chorus as an elective. The Middle School Chorus gives students the opportunity to sing together as a group, often in 2- to 3-part harmony as they gain more experience and confidence in their singing and music reading abilities. Students perform in Christmas and Spring concerts.