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Elementary Music

Students in the elementary grades attend music class once a week where they learn about and experience music in many ways. Dynamics, tempo, form, music symbols, music history, music from different cultures, composers, etc. are experienced throughout the year.

A variety of musical instruments such as pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, melody bells, ukuleles, and recorders also are a part of the graded music curriculum. Students anticipate several performances each year: singing the National Anthem for a home game, singing for Grandparent’s Day, and showcasing their talents in our big spring program at the end of the school year.

Elementary Chorus

Elementary music students use their God-given musical gifts to experience music through singing, playing, moving, reading, and listening. Each grade level moves sequentially through a standards-based curriculum that focuses on elements of music such as melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, style, form, and expression. Students meet once a week for music instruction. In the spring, the elementary students present a program which showcases each grade level.