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March 17th Update

Latest Message from your Head of School, Scott Dillon

Moving Forward!

WCCS continues to move forward in the pursuit of the former Rosewood Elementary School as our desired Lower School location beginning in the fall of 2022!  As of now, we are under contract and have a tentative closing date before Easter break!  We are currently in the midst of site surveys, appraisals, and of the behind-the-scenes work needed for this kind of purchase.  And, while we await the closing, we are working with a contractor and architect to get all of the architectural drawings done that will be needed for permitting and DSS approvals for the site improvements needed for our move (including the room renovations for the Infants-Two’s classrooms and the playground areas needed).
While that is going on, we are sharpening our pencils and refining our budget needed to move in time to begin school at that campus in the fall.  This includes everything from cleaning, painting, stripping/waxing the floors, some technological upgrades, quite a few classroom furniture/fixtures updates, and final decisions on what playground equipment we will install in our newly created play areas.
It has been so very encouraging to hear of the excitement around this move.  I have talked to SO many parents who have driven through the parking circles at the “new school” to get their children excited.  I have also had quite a few parents offer to help – everything from offering to help clean to painting (including the offer to paint a mural or two) to landscaping to help with the actual move (which will be quite a process!).  Although we have not yet asked, we have had more than $11,000 donated specifically to help with the move to Rosewood, and several others have asked for the opportunity to help financially when the time comes, specifically mentioning playgrounds and classroom needs. 
We are quickly approaching that time (at closing) when this purchase will become official.  That will allow us to officially announce the move, to put our already-in-the-works sign in front of the school that will say, “FUTURE HOME OF WESTMINSTER CATAWBA CHRISTIAN LOWER SCHOOL.”  We will announce to the media.  We will spread the word through social media.  And, we will be ready to partner with our community to do what is needed to make the move – including every aspect of the proverbial “time, talent, and treasure!”  
Please do continue to pray that God would continue to bless in remarkable ways as He has done already throughout this process.  I can’t wait to  share some of these only-God-could-have-done-it stories very soon!  Until then, know that God is at work, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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