Mrs. Jane Wilson

Admissions Director
Jane Wilson

“WCCS prepares students to LIVE out God’s calling for them and impact others through the work that they do, the relationships that they pursue, and the purposes they seek.”

Mrs. Jane WilsonAdmissions Director

Jane and her husband, J.E.B., have two boys, Mac and Burris. They live in Chester County on their family farm, Cotton Hills Farm. She has been serving at WCCS since 2012. Jane has B.A. in History and Art History from Converse College, as well as a M.A. in Early American Culture from the University of Delaware. Her hobbies include history and following the Royal Family. She attends Zion Presbyterian Church in Lowrys, serving as the historian.

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The Wilson Family
The Wilson Family
What do you love most about WCCS?

I love that WCCS provides an excellent education that prepares children well for their careers and callings in God’s Kingdom.

Why do you love teaching or working at WCCS?

I love the educational community that supports and encourages one another in the body of Christ. We keep pursuing God’s best for each child and are willing to be vulnerable with one another to recognize areas of growth and opportunity.

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

Love – love of Jesus, love of our children, love of the pursuit of excellence in training and educating the whole child to better this world for Christ

How do you believe WCCS prepares students for success in college and beyond?

WCCS prepares students to LIVE out God’s calling for them and impact others through the work that they do, the relationships that they pursue, and the purposes they seek. We encourage each student to give his or her very best in the classroom. We also have the amazing opportunity to walk alongside students as they navigate the messy business of growing up and finding out for themselves what “truth” really means and how it connects to everything that they think, read, write, do, and believe.

How is faith and learning integrated at WCCS?

In science, social studies, math, foreign language, fine arts, language arts, social dynamics, athletics, etc…., students are able to better understand their own areas of gifting and be challenged to pursue what is difficult – all within the framework of God’s truth. We believe that all students are learning here at WCCS so that they can be prepared to tackle the world’s biggest problems and make a difference for Christ in their communities, workplaces, and families.

For staff, how do you believe God has uniquely equipped you for your position here at WCCS?

God has taken me on such an amazing journey to prepare me for work at WCCS. My educational training and interests are all in the history field – art history, material culture, museum studies. I love history because of the stories from all kinds of people, many of them undiscovered and fascinating, that together tell the big story of God’s redemptive plan for his people throughout time. When I connect with each family on a phone call, email exchange, or personal tour, I love hearing their “story” that brings them to WCCS. Then, I enjoy exploring conversations around how God might be directing their family’s story to benefit from Christian education at WCCS. What a cool thing it is to imagine how each student at WCCS might be in my great-grandchild’s history book because of the “stories” they have written on God’s creation!

What sets WCCS students apart from other students?

WCCS students are gifts! Each one is unique and brings something special to our community. As diverse as our school community is in gifting, interests, life experiences, etc., they are all valued and loved as treasures that we get to pour into through teaching and mentoring, with the expectation that the Holy Spirit will do an amazing work in their lives!