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Mrs. Olivia Gregory

Middle School Teacher
Mrs. Olivia Gregory

“I am extremely grateful for the middle school students I teach. They are funny, honest, resilient, hardworking, and thoughtful. I truly believe this generation of students has the ability to change the world around us for good, and some are already well on their way down that path.”

Mrs. Olivia GregoryMiddle School Teacher

Olivia Gregory has been working at WCCS since the 2015-2016 school year. She has a Bachelor of Music in Performance from Kennesaw State University and a Master of Education in Literacy from the American College of Education. She is passionate about Jesus, her family, teaching literacy, being outside, exercise, taking naps, and eating chocolate. Olivia has been very happily married to Richard for almost 20 years and has four children who keep her on her toes, and she loves with her whole heart.

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The Gregory Family
The Gregory Family
What do you love most about WCCS?

I love the moments when I get to see God’s truth work in the lives of students. I also love when we as faculty and staff get to pray for each other or encourage one another.

Why do you love teaching or working at WCCS?

I love being able to support the teachers and staff who work so hard every day to teach our students. If I can brighten their day, encourage them, or make things easier for them, it makes my day!

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

Rich. We are a school that has a rich tradition, diversity of people, and an appreciation for others that is not found in some other schools where I have been.

How do you believe WCCS prepares students for success in college and beyond?

I believe that WCCS is a place where students are learning how to apply the truths of God’s Word to their thinking, their academics, their relationships, and their time. Understanding that knowing God affects everything that we do is foundational to taking His love and truth out into the world as our students leave this place.

How is faith and learning integrated at WCCS?

Teachers take the time to help students wrestle with the truths of Scripture and how they influence our perspective of the world. When our students are able to reflect on the magnitude of their Creator through science or the mercy and justice of their God through history, those are amazing moments!

As a teacher, what is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students? For staff, how do you believe God has uniquely equipped you for your position here at WCCS?

Because I have taught in the past, I often ask myself, “What would be helpful to the teachers or administrators in this situation?” As I think of the busyness of the classroom and its demands, I ask the Lord to give me ideas to make the burden lighter for our faculty and staff.

What sets WCCS students apart from other students?

I think WCCS students are more accepting than other students than I have encountered. We have students from many different backgrounds and walks of life. They don’t all dress alike or have the same interests. In general, I love the way our students accept that about each other and don’t try to make others fit into a mold.

Share a moment from your time here at WCCS that stands out as something you never want to forget.

Teaching 9th Grade Girls Bible this year has been a delight! The girls are so engaged in our discussions, asking good questions and diving into our study of the Gospel of John. I love being able to share my own love for Jesus with them, since most of my day I am behind a desk.