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The Barber Family

The Barber Family

“As Sydney and Brandon prepare to embark on the next phase of their academic career, I am confident and appreciative that WCCS has fully equipped them to reach further and strive for greatness in every aspect of their lives.”

Dr. Stacey BarberWCCS Parent

The Barber family joined the WCCS family 12 years ago when both Sydney and Brandon enrolled in Kindergarten. Currently, they are both in the 11th grade. After graduation, Brandon would like to play professional soccer and pursue a career in the medical field. Sydney feels the Lord is possibly calling her to be a surgeon. They are both considering the University of South Carolina or the College of Charleston. We asked mom, Dr. Stacey Barber, to share why she chose our school all those years ago and what has kept her family at WCCS.

Why did you choose WCCS for your child?

It was by chance (God, of course). I was seeking to put the twins in school near my parents while I completed my doctoral program at UNCC. The public school wanted to charge me tuition to do so because we lived in Charlotte. As a result, since I was going to have to pay tuition, I decided that I would pay for private school instead. I literally was riding by WCCS on my way to CVS and stopped in on a whim, and the rest was history. I knew that living in north Charlotte and driving back and forth was going to be a task, but God provided me with the patience and strength to endure. Every mile was worth it. We recently relocated to Rock Hill so that Sydney and Brandon can fully enjoy their high school experience and to be close to my elderly mom.

What do you love most about WCCS?

I get emotional (happy tears) thinking of what I love about WCCS. WCCS has been our extended family from the beginning; especially during the time when my beloved dad passed away. The administration and teachers care about the students, and the one-on-one attention is immeasurable. Sydney and Brandon have been so happy attending WCCS and completely dislike missing school! They have grown academically and are well-rounded because of WCCS. They have a heart for Jesus and thrive to be Christ-like daily. I am eternally grateful for the relationships we have with the WCCS administration, faculty, staff, and families; life-long friendships. As Sydney and Brandon prepare to embark on the next phase of their academic career, I am confident and appreciative that WCCS has fully equipped them to reach further and strive for greatness in every aspect of their lives.

What is one word that describes our school? Tell us why you chose that word

Intentional –  WCCS is intentional with the development and success of each student.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and the impact that this person has had in your student’s life – or perhaps a specific example of a way this teacher has cared for your student in a special way.

It is difficult to choose just one teacher but three teachers, in particular, that have had a significant impact are our kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Setzer and our first grade teacher Mrs. Cathy Adkins. Mrs. Adkins nicknamed Brandon “MJ” because of his love for all things sports. This one act and term of endearment made his confidence soar! These three had such a loving and caring way with Sydney and Brandon. They helped them to be independent thinkers and find their own paths. These three allowed the twins to be twins while encouraging them to be independent thinkers. Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Setzer, and Mrs. Adkins paved the way for Sydney ad Brandon’s continued success at WCCS. They laid the foundation and words cannot describe how impactful these teachers have been.

How is WCCS preparing your child for God’s call on their lives, including hopes, plans, and dreams for college, career, and/or community?

WCCS is preparing the twins for God’s call on their lives by enhancing their desire to pray daily and to seek God’s purpose in all things. The meetings with the guidance counselor, Mrs. Sapp, mission trips, field trips, college tours, assemblies, SAT preparation and discussions have all been resourceful measures to enhance making dreams come true for college, a successful career and intentional service for the community.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at WCCS?

WCCS is an amazing Christian academic institution. Students are intelligent, kind, and respectful. Students go through the day in the awe of God’s presence. Simply put, the students are happy and enjoy being in school. The students encompass a love for learning due to the caring and dedicated teachers. The peace and calmness of the school allows a clear mindset for critical thinking as students prepare for college and careers. I love Sydney and Brandon more than anything in this world. The sacrifice of providing them with a Christian education at WCCS is all worth it. I am grateful to God for the by-chance encounter with WCCS.