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The Clark Family

The Clark Family

“For our children to have an educational system that supports the development of a Christ-centered world view is a blessing.”

The ClarksWCCS Family

Please join us in welcoming the Clark family to WCCS! It has already been a joy having Isaac and Olivia Clark at the lower school! Read on to find out more about their family, what brought them to WCCS, and what they are most excited for as we enter the second month of the 2020-2021 school year.

Tell us about your family! What kinds of activities or hobbies do you enjoy together?

We are a family that grew up in York County. We currently live in Fort Mill. Shara and Tim graduated from Fort Mill High School and decided to raise Isaac (5th Grade) and Olivia (2nd Grade) in York County. Our family enjoys spending time together with our dog, Beignet, particularly outdoors. We enjoy spending time on hikes, bike rides, fishing, camping, and lounging at the pool. Isaac enjoys spending time in the Scout program and is currently playing flag football. Olivia loves to dance and is learning to play piano.

How did you hear about our school?

We heard about WCCS through Shara’s parents, who attend Westminster Presbyterian Church, and since have heard nothing but great things from parents of current students, alumni and former teachers/staff.

Was there anything in particular that influenced your decision to become a part of the WCCS family?

For our children to have an educational system that supports the development of a Christ centered world view is a blessing. We feel that the ability for the school to make this a priority and not have to answer to society’s influence is critical to achieving His purpose.

What are you most excited about in beginning the school year as a part of the WCCS family?

We are excited about the development of a loving relationship between the educators, staff, and our children.