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Preston Burnette

WCCS Class of 2020
Preston Burnette
What grades did you attend WCCS?

I attended WCCS from 9th-12th grade.

Our mission at WCCS is “Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ.” How do you believe your time here at WCCS prepared you for God’s unique purpose for your life? What are your future plans beyond college?

WCCS contributed to the Christian foundation already established in my life. I hope to find a career after college doing something that I love.

How has learning in a Christian environment positively affected your education?

Everyone at WCCS supported me on my high school journey. There has always been someone there for me if I needed something. I appreciate everything that has been done for me.

What is a special memory you have from your time at WCCS?

The Senior trip to Canada is one of my favorite memories.

Has there been a teacher at WCCS that has impacted your faith, education, or personal growth in a significant way? If you were to say thank you to this person, what would you say?

Hali Christopher… I would say thanks for helping shape me into the person I am today. She was tough on me, but in a caring way. I will miss her.

If your time here at WCCS were a story, what would be the theme?

Friends and Soccer!