Standardized Testing at WCCS

As students discover their God-given gifts and talents, these standardized tests may be helpful to show particular strengths needed in postsecondary education, the workforce, the military, and the mission field.


The ACT is a national college admissions exam that includes five areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Writing

It is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the U.S., and it is often used to determine college acceptance, scholarships and awards, and other types of financial aid.


The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) is given to students in 9th-11th grade during the fall semester.  The test provides a standardized view of students’ scholastic skills.  It measures skills in three basic areas:

  • Critical reading
  • Mathematics problem-solving
  • Writing skills


The SAT is designed to assess a student’s academic readiness for college.  The SAT is often a determinate for college acceptance, scholarships, and other types of financial aid.  The test is given several times each year, and there is a registration deadline and fee.

Important Note: Please choose WCCS as a score recipient when registering for the test. Our school code is 411693.

Other Career Assessments

Middle and high school students have the opportunity to complete computer-based career assessments in the fall and spring.