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Meet Dr. Sandi Jolly

Early Childhood Principal at WCCS

Dear Parents,

Scripture reveals God’s plan for young children to be immersed in a God-focused, safe, loving community where they can learn about His love (Deuteronomy 6:6-9).  In this loving environment, children learn to trust and have faith in the adults who care for them; however, they need guidance to transfer that faith to faith in God.

When God is integrated in every part of their day, young children learn to trust Him as they explore and engage His creation.  Although parents have the primary responsibility for their child’s education, WCCS plays a key role in educating the whole child. WCCS Early Childhood educators support parents as they guide their children to faith in God, the one who will always care for them and love them unconditionally.  Our program provides a warm, loving environment where children and parents become part of a larger nurturing family.

The early years from birth to age 5 are critical “for developing the foundations for thinking, behaving, and emotional well-being.”[1]  By age 7, a child’s brain has developed the framework for communication, relationships, and interaction with the world.[2]  These early foundations directly impact future success and development in spiritual maturity and skills related to emotional well-being, social interactions, language acquisition, cognitive reasoning, and self-regulation.[3]

“Our program provides a warm, loving environment where children and parents become part of a larger nurturing family.”

- Dr. Sandi Jolly

At WCCS, Christian teachers build loving relationships with each child, nurture the development of the whole child, and create an environment that reflects God’s love and care.  They individualize learning experiences based on the individual needs of children to grow in each developmental area and acquire learning characteristics essential to future school success.  We are blessed with well-trained Early Childhood educators who love God and young children.  They are passionate about what they teach and are driven by God’s calling for their lives.  They understand child development, teach with enthusiasm, and strive to exemplify the fruits of the Spirit.

The purpose of our Early Childhood program is to lay a firm foundation for God’s calling in each child’s life.  We strive to be Jesus in the classroom, modeling Christ-like characteristics, loving young children as Jesus did, establishing the foundations for them to love God and bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Sandi Jolly
Early Childhood Principal

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