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Graduate Stories - Class of 2020

Some of the most powerful words you’ll read about the value of a WCCS education come right from our own graduates. While each graduate will go on forge their own path after graduation – from college to career and family life – each of them remember Westminster Catawba Christian School as a significant part of their youth, and will forever be blessed by the Christian foundation our school helped provide. Read what our 2020 graduates have to say about WCCS – click on any image below.

Tanya Henderson
Preston Burnette
Adair Higgins
Nathan Wheaton
John Corley
Abigail Porter
Regan Garmon
Parker Inkellar
Justin Kirk
Parker Dhillon
Avery Haley
Logan Pflughoeft
Kyle Pickens
Dean Willis
Charles Fuller
Corbin Bartfuff
Cortland Williams
Loren Wagner
John Lathan